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Hanami 2010

Washington DC's famous cherry blossoms

Hanami in Japanese translates to “flower viewing” and is a time for all to recognize the rebirth of the earth after a long winter.  The Japanese celebrate this rebirth by joining family and friends underneath the cherry trees for a picnic.  During the day the crowd is mostly families.  In the evening, red lanterns illuminate the underside of the trees and the young people come out.

For the last four years that I have been in Washington, I have celebrated Hanami with friends.  I taught myself to roll sushi – which is much easier than you think – and remembered how to fly a kite.  Taking my lead from traditional Japanese Hanami parties, the menu reflects Japanese tastes.

Menu for Hanami

Sake or Plum Wine

Edamame with salt

California and Cucumber Rolls

Chicken Yakitori

Tamago Yaki

Soba noodles with scallion


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